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Welcome to Red Rock Henna

What is it?

Red Rock Henna is a henna artist based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Angela McKee is the resident artist and business owner for Red Rock Henna. She has been doing Mehendi or Henna body art in Salt Lake for several years and loves meeting people while she does her work.

How the name came to be:

Red Rock comes from the “Red Rock country” of southern Utah around Moab, Utah. Angela was on vacation down there when strangers started to notice and comment about the “Red as Rocks” henna she wore on her hands. The henna stain and color was almost the exact same deep red of the mountain rock formations.

After some research we discovered the rocks are red when they contain minerals that consist of an iron oxide that is similar to rust, the iron forms a reddish hue when oxidized.

Henna also contains a lawsome that when mixed with a mildly acidic liquid then allowed to oxidize will create a red-orange dye that we can use on our skin.

Red Rock Henna was formed.